• Question: Is being an Engineer taxing? Does it require masses of work or do you get 'free time'. In this spare time you may have us it just a case of reviewing I'm an Engineer questions and studying more of the job you have now?

    Asked by Adam to Neil, Pete on 20 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Neil Taylor

      Neil Taylor answered on 20 Mar 2015:

      Hi Adam!

      It is a mentally demanding career, generally, yes! It depends on your role and industry, but you will generally be using a lot of maths/science/calculations/analysis/inspection/report writing to make things more efficient, come up with new ideas, and create new things… but seeing the results of your work makes it all worth it!

      In terms of “free time”, you get your lunch break, and you can go and make yourself a cup of tea etc. when you feel like it. It’s actually important to have such breaks away from the computer for your health!

      There are also other things that crop up during the day, such as chatting things over with colleagues, meetings, presentations, team briefs, documenting professional development, and training courses – all which help to keep things varied!

      “I’m an Engineer” is pretty intense, but it’s only for 2 weeks. I’m allowed some time to attend the chats as part of “charity allowance” hours, but the answers to the long questions (like this one! 🙂 ) are done in my own time – mostly after work, but today is my “Day 10”, so I am off today (we work longer hours during a mornal working day to get every second Friday off 😀 ).

      Hope this helps! Remember to vote! 😀